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About Us

Over the past 35 years, Bartell & Bartell, Ltd. has worked with thousands of leaders and organizations across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Our products and services lay the foundation from which to unleash the potential in your people and optimize your organizational intelligence. We enjoy cultivating organizational health for our clients and partnering in the journey towards leadership excellence and peak performance.


  • Clients ranging from entrepreneurial growth oriented firms and family operations, to the public sector and multibillion Fortune 500 companies.
  • Professional staff with more than 35 years of continuous experience.
  • Recognized leaders in assessment, development, organizational diagnostics, triage, and intellectual capital.
  • Registered Organizational Development Consultant (R.O.D.C.), one of only 99 worldwide.
  • Database of over 9,000 leader profiles.
  • Developer of thousands of leaders, teams, and organizations.

Partnering in Your Success

Whether you're interested in:

  • Making sure you're hiring the right people for the right positions
  • Developing and fully unleashing the potential of your existing leaders
  • Or, measuring the health of your culture for decision-making...

We are committed to your success.

Advanced Technology

  • Invested millions of our own research and development funding in organization development.
  • Continually designing original assessment tools and diagnostics softwares.

With unsurpassed expertise in organizational diagnostics & measurement, the Bartell Team pinpoints where leaders, teams, and organizations are in their growth process.

We then craft a development plan to provide appropriate interventions, for unleashing their full potential and cultivating their ultimate legacy.

Precise & Personalized

While our products and services are based in advanced technologies, everything that we do is designed to be user-friendly, practically applied, and bottom-line oriented. Our aim is to:

  • Fast-track development.
  • Create a climate that cultivates success.
  • Optimize performance and profit.

...Still a Personal Touch

Despite our commitment to the precision of assessment, the impact of development, and sustainability of our service to you, you'll find we take a very personal interest in your organization and needs.  We look forward to getting to know you and being a part of your success story!

Coaching leaders and organizations toward peak performance!


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