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Product Information

A Bartell & Bartell, Ltd. product for assessing work climate and culture.

Excellerator™ is a diagnostic software program for assessing organizational culture and work climate.  It is the result of over 30 years of research and experience, examining the relationship between leadership, culture, and organizational effectiveness.  Excellerator™ provides a confidential, efficient, and cost-effective way of measuring cultures and subcultures within the organization.  The precision of Excellerator™ technology identifies where to invest your resources to fast-track organizational development, create a climate that cultivates success, and in-turn optimizes profit.

How does Excellerator™ work?

The Excellerator™ program is sent to participants (representing a sampling of the company, or each individual in the entire company can participate) online.  In an average of 29 minutes, participants respond to a series of questions about the organization, provide their expectations and observations, and then are prompted to select organizational descriptors to clarify their ratings.  After all participants have completed their Excellerator™ assessments, they are returned to the Bartell & Bartell, Ltd. diagnostics lab for scoring, analysis, and reporting.

What does Excellerator™ measure?

Excellerator™ measures and makes sense of 30 different aspects of organizational culture.  The dimensions are reported as easy-to-understand indices, ratios, percentages, etc., providing firm measurement of the cultural aspects of the organization.  The report is designed to be easily read and provide easy reference in the future to compare scores, track progress, and celebrate success.

Excellerator™ Reports and their Value

  • Excellerator™ reports are simple to read, rich in diagnostic depth, developmentally focused, and results oriented.
  • They offer graphic and numeric measurement of how important each cultural dimension is to your employees, as well as how well the organization is fulfilling the employee's expectations.
  • The reports then magnify the measurement of each of the 30 dimensions, to provide real clarity.  Excellerator™ compiles lists of descriptors and insights (both positive and negative), based upon the employees comments.
  • Each dimension is diagnosed as:  Immediate Intervention Required, Further Assessment Required, Functionally Adequate, or Exceptional Performance.  Those that need attention are flagged and prioritized to fast-track development.
Excellerator™ is designed to accelerate your journey towards organizational excellence.

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