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A Bartell & Bartell, Ltd. product for measuring organizational health and effectiveness.

What is ODDIS®?

ODDIS® stands for Organizational Diagnostic and Development Intervention System. It is the first-ever software program designed to benchmark and monitor organizational health.  ODDIS® technology makes it possible to quantify or assess the organizational and leadership effectiveness of teams, departments, branch offices, divisions, and entire organizations.

What does an ODDIS® assessment involve?

The ODDIS® program is sent to each participant in a work group electronically or on a CD-ROM, participants respond to a series of questions about crucial leadership and organizational vital signs.   All participants are given a PIN to assure confidentiality.  As individuals provide responses, ODDIS® analyzes them and asks further clarifying questions to probe any relevant issues.  In this way ODDIS® becomes a form of intelligent diagnostic interview.  With an average completion time of 59 minutes, ODDIS® obtains more information than can be collected by a professional interviewer in 12 hours. 

After all participants have completed their ODDIS® responses, they are returned to Bartell & Bartell, Ltd. for scoring, analysis, and reporting.

What does ODDIS® measure?

ODDIS® measures and makes sense of more than 100 organizational dynamics.   

To provide you with a few examples, the summary chart includes a snapshot of just 15 of the dimensions measured by ODDIS®, each of which are defined and explained in the detail pages of a full ODDIS® report.  These dimensions and a host of others are reported as easy-to-understand indices, ratios, percentages, etc., providing firm measurement of the soft side of the business.  The reports are designed to be easily read and provide easy reference in the future, to compare scores, track progress, and celebrate success.

ODDIS® Applications:

  • Benchmark and monitor organizational health and effectiveness.
  • Provide an organizational needs assessment, so you know where to focus training and development efforts, and what leadership voids may need to be filled.
  • Serve as an early warning system, identifying organizational syndromes, problem areas, and hidden threats.
  • Help align a work group with its leader's skills and style, structure, rewards, change initiatives, and so forth.

ODDIS® assesses the organization, prescribes, and prioritizes interventions to optimize your intellectual capital.

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